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Feature | Jul/Aug 2017

Lights, Camera, LIVE!

Boost your plastic surgery consult conversions with live video.

Today’s consumers are digitally savvy and are going online to make decisions about which provider to see for their aesthetic treatments. They are checking you out beyond your training and educational backgrounds. You may be aware that they are looking for your website and Googling you for reviews, but have you considered they are also checking out and influenced by your social proof on social media, as well? The way you position yourself and your practice online matters, and one way to distinguish yourself from your competition and position yourself as a digital KOL, while also attracting more traffic through your door, is through the use of video.

Predictions hold that video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic for 2017. Do you sell products in your practice? Four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.  While the use of video may have originally required a hefty budget and employing an agency for the creation, you now have so many tools at your fingertips that allow you to get started with just your smartphone and good lighting.

When polling physicians and their team members in our Facebook group about what might be holding them back from creating videos, two major barriers were the task of editing the video as well as being stumped on content. Incorporating the use of live video in your practice would cut out the need for fancy editing, so go ahead and cross that off your list. But what about the content? Here are a few ideas to get you started so hopefully you can go ahead and get your first session under your belt as soon as possible!

1. Behind The Scenes: Going behind the scenes of your office and doing a quick office tour can help introduce your patients and customers to the most important part of your operation—your team members. This can give people an insight to the culture of your office and humanize it, which is a key element in forging a close relationship with your practice's brand. You can also go live while at a conference and let your audience see first-hand the extra time you spend on education during the year.

2. Product Demonstration: Do you sell skincare? Walk your people through a recommended AM or PM routine for acne. Summer is coming up and we know there are a lot of people who skimp on the sunscreen or use too much of their serum, so do a live demo that shows how much product they should really be using. Maybe you do peels or Coolsculpting and could do a treatment on camera. How cool would it be for people to get an inside look at something they may have considered before, but always assumed was too invasive of a treatment or required too much down time? Do you have someone that does eyelash extensions as part of their offerings in your office? Take away the mystery of the process and show how it is done, the beautiful results they deliver, and wrap with the benefits of being able to wake up and get to drop off with minimal investment while still looking pulled together if you have a huge “mommy” clientele. There are honestly so many things you offer as treatments that could all get their own live demonstration, so this alone could give you several shows worth of content.

3. Events and Sneak Peeks: Are you hosting an event in your practice like an open house? Get people in on the action who couldn't make it and even hold a live raffle that includes people in your office as well as those who couldn't make the date, but are tuned in live! You can also give a quick sneak peek of a new treatment you are going to offer or new product you are going to be bringing in.

4. Interviews and testimonials: Did you just pick up a new skincare line? Perhaps a new product just launched from one of the lines you already carry.

Get your representative in on the action and interview her or him on the benefits or someone in your office that did a trial before bringing it in. You can also poll your clients on how much they enjoyed the services they received for the day when checking out of an appointment and ask if they would shoot a quick testimonial for you to help you spread the word. You could also repurpose this later in a newsletter or blog post.

5. Q&A: Again, this will be an old faithful piece of content that you could produce on a consistent basis starting with talking about common questions you get surrounding procedures and treatments and then having open "ask me" sessions as your audience builds to where it will support enough people tuning in to ask. It also doesn't hurt to have a person or two on standby to throw some of the first questions out there to kick things off.

Keys to Success

Once you decide on a few topics to go live about, set up a consistent schedule where your audience knows you are going to go live every Tuesday at 10:00AM or at least build up some audience participation with promotion by announcing when you are going live then counting down to the date and time on your social media sites. Before you go live, prepare a catchy title and double check the connection of your internet so you don’t get cut off!

Once you are actually live and on-air, don’t forget to engage with your audience by keeping an eye on the commentary and questions popping up or asking for their feedback. Finally, as you wrap up your live broadcast, don’t forget to end it with some kind of CTA, or call to action, like “purchase this new serum on our website in the next 48 hours with the code SURGERYLIVE to get 20% off” so you can track some of the conversions of your efforts.

Hopefully some of these ideas trigger you to kick off your first live session. I have been preferring Facebook Live over Instagram Live because they only recently had an update to be able to save your broadcast once it was over and being able to boost your Facebook Live video once it ends for the chance of being seen by even more people than your original broadcast audience.

For Instagram, going live is a major cheat to being seen by your followers because the program currently gives all of your followers notification you are going live, which is huge considering only a small percent of your social followers will probably ever see your posts organically. For Facebook, they did an update to the algorithm that gives Facebook Live preferred treatment over other posts, so there is a bigger chance of your audience organically seeing this over your regular posts.

One promotion method I like to cross-pollinate between both platforms is to post you are going Live on Facebook a day before on Instagram with an Instagram Stories post and a 30 minutes until you are live warning. Then right before you go live on Facebook, go live on Instagram and invite your audience to log into Facebook so they can join in on the action.

Still feeling hesitant? Feel free to post in our Facebook group, Glowing + Growing In Aesthetics and we can workshop a few ideas with you. We also just started dedicating a thread every so often to letting members brush up on their live skills so feel free to jump in and give it a go among other aesthetic experts!

Ready to give it a go? I’ve created a quick checklist of what to be sure to do before, during, and after going live that you can download here.

Social Glossary:

Instagram Live: A live-streaming option on the Instagram app that allows you to live-stream a broadcast to your followers. Currently you also get notified that someone is going live which is a way to sneak to the forefront of your follower's minds.

Facebook Live: A live-streaming option on Facebook which you can live-stream from your phone or your desktop. You can go live as a page, as an individual, and within a Facebook group.

Social Proof: As people research online more and go through your social media pages looking through posts of your work or seeing how you are being showcased as an authority of a treatment/procedure they begin to feel they have social proof they will recieve a good result from you because it happened to so many other people.

Digital KOL: A digital key opinion leader is someone who is respected as an influencer online who are the go-to people in their field of expertise.

Call To Action: A call to action helps guide your viewers to the action that was the goal of your broadcast. We like to use a time-limit on specials to help such as "our Facebook Live special on our new serum ends on Friday so click here to purchase today!" You can use a measurable link such as a bit.ly link to see the result.

Ready to give it a go...download here.

Jasmine Hill, MBA is Co-founder of Aesthetic Influencer, a boutique social media marketing and training agency focused on catering to aesthetic and cosmeceutical brands, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, and medical spas (www.AestheticInfluencer.com). Reach her at Jasmine@AestheticInfluencer.com

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