Market Fresh | Sept/Oct 2015

Key Social Media Mistakes to Avoid for your Dermatology Practice

Social media networking has continued to grow and expand as one of the most potent tools of online promotion for businesses and professionals. However, many dermatology marketers still make a number of follies that prevent them from utilizing social media as an effective way to promote their practice. The following are some of the key mistakes that should be avoided in your dermatology marketing strategy:

Not Realizing the Marketing Potential of Social Media

A large number of dermatologists do not have a cohesive social media marketing strategy in place. Some either do not have dedicated social media accounts for their practice, or the accounts are largely inactive or dull. Some dermatologists make the mistake of assuming that social media may not be appropriate for them as a professional practitioner. This misconception dampens any motivation to make a robust social media marketing effort.

Not Placing the Interests of the Audience First

In social media engagement, the primary goal should be inform, educate, resolve queries, and reach out to the target audience with information that is relevant and useful to them. If the dermatology marketer indulges in one-sided self-promotion and fails to place the needs of the audience first in every social conversation, the effort is not likely to achieve its larger goals.

Not Identifying the Target Audience

The goal of a dermatology social media marketing campaign should be to focus on a potential audience that is more likely to visit the practice for a consultation. Failure to choose the right demographic profile and lack of effort on cultivating a localized audience can result in little or no impact on the actual traffic to the dermatologist’s office in the long run.

Spreading the Effort too Thin

A variety of social networks are available today, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and Pinterest. If the marketer does not have the time or resources to do justice to so many social channels, they should identify just a few that may appeal the most to their target audience. Spreading the effort too thin without building a sustainable presence in a few focused networks is likely to produce little or no results in the end.

Inconsistent and Non-cohesive Approach across Platforms

To build a strong brand image and positive online reputation via social media efforts, it is important to demonstrate consistency of purpose and cohesive across various social media platforms. The choice of design, images, colors and fonts should be consistent. The vision, mission and objectives, and the description and contact details of the practice should be uniform throughout social media to create a cohesive and consistent representation.

Irregular, Inadequate or Impersonal Engagement

Social media engagement is not a one-way street, where the marketer may just disseminate their own promotional content and messages. It is important to respond to the members of the social network, seek their feedback, address their queries and concerns, and encourage participation. Personalized and responsive engagement on social media will go a long way in building a thriving network to achieve the practice goals.

A committed and sustainable long-term approach to social media marketing will produce desired results for a dermatology practice over time. The goal should be to create informative and helpful social networking, and the marketing will take care of itself on social media.

Naren Arulrajah is President and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, a complete Internet marketing company which focuses on SEO, social media, marketing education and the online reputations of dermatologists.

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